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Task management have never been this easy before!

Get to know idvlabs? What is ontime?

About Us

We are a software company established in Ankara in 2014, operating in the sector in the field of mobile and modern web.
We provide services in software development and consultancy with our expert staff.
In addition, we make our customers' lives easier with the ontime platform.

What is ontime?

ontime is a mobile task management platform. ontime offers solutions in the field of machinery, facility management and field services.
You can track;

  • Your staff's working areas and durations
  • Equipment maintenance and malfunctions
  • Materials used in the field
  • Instant/periodic work

And also, you can obtain daily, weekly and annual reports about them with the ontime platform. Thus, You maximize the work efficiency by simultaneously tracking the finished tasks.

Main Features

Staff Management

You can orient your staff according to their workload, competence and working hours, and set the authorizations of your staff on the platform. So, you can track your performance.

Fault/Maintenance Process Management

In failure and maintenance processes, you can monitor the processes instantly by using ontime instead of using traditional desktop applications. You can instantly generate reports of the materials used in technical tasks and the fault history on the platform.

Cleaning and Waste Management

You can follow your cleaning and waste processes at a professional level with ontime. When the time comes relevant work orders are forwarded to the team, unit personnel fill in the checklist related to their work and take photos and report them to you instantly.

Planned/Unplanned Task Processes Management

Keeping track of your routine control and inspection tasks is very easy with ontime. It is guranteed that the tasks proceed according to the plan by creating routine control processes. Instant intervention is provided with the option of creating instant and free tasks.

Daily or annual reporting

  • Task orders analysis
  • Asset history report
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Material and equipment list
  • Costs report
  • Activity report
  • Periodic tasks report

Benefits of ontime for your business

  • 20% savings in maintenance processes
  • 50% productivity increase in your field workers
  • 40% savings in response time
  • 20% savings in equipment and machinery costs
  • 30% reduction in the number of failures
  • 15% savings in spare parts and inventory costs

Download the app

'You can download ontime from Google Play Store and App Store.
Contact us for any usage details.

Other Features

Other features you can achieve via ontime;

Offline Usage

You can prevent data loss by using the application in offline mode in areas without Internet.

Task Tracking on the Map

You can keep track of your task orders on the coordinate based map.

Corporate Messaging

You can perform all your corporate messaging through ontime.

Equipment / Location Identification

You can identify your equipments and locations by QR Codes/NFC tags.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the answers of F.A.Q. below about ontime.

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