“Software is about daily life”

Founded in 2014 in Ankara, idvlabs merges cutting-edge mobile and web technologies with everyday experiences. Our esteemed team offers comprehensive services, from project implementation to consultancy, serving both public and private sectors.

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Software House

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Electric Cable Lines

Energy and Electric Network Infrastructure

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Mobility on Asset Management and Field Works

Heart of idvlabs: Our Expert Team

Mehmet Surav

CEO & Founder

At idvlabs, our edge is defined by our people. With a robust team of over 40 engineers and business analysts, we blend in-depth market insights with technical prowess. Each challenge is met with collective wisdom and innovative solutions. Our analysts unravel complex business demands, while our engineers craft these into functional realities. We champion continuous learning, ensuring we're always at technology's forefront. With idvlabs, you're partnering with a team dedicated to catapulting your business forward, powered by innovation and collaboration. Welcome to progress with the industry's finest.

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Software House

Who we are

At idvlabs, we utilize the power of software to elevate daily life. Comprising a gifted team from Turkey's top universities, we're fervent about pushing the frontiers of what's technologically possible, ensuring every innovation resonates with everyday experiences.

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Our Expertise

Mobile App Development

idvlabs excels in developing mobile apps that elevate operational efficiency and foster robust customer engagement. With a team proficient in Android, iOS, and cross-platform development, entrust your mobile aspirations with us for unparalleled results.

Modern Web Development

Trust idvlabs for state-of-the-art web development services. We design bespoke websites, web applications, and tools tailored for both startups and established global enterprises, boasting a 100% project delivery rate.

IoT Integrations

Step into the future with idvlabs. As leading providers of IoT solutions, we bridge the gap between your business and modern hardware-connected systems, ensuring seamless communication through innovative IoT applications.

Report and Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights with idvlabs. Our tailored report dashboards and in-depth dataset analysis promise productive and efficient real-time reporting, transforming your operational strategies through precise monitoring and analysis

Leveraged Technologies

Mobile App Development


Backend Technologies

Frontend Technologies


Database Technologies

Infrastructure and DevOps Technologies

Report and Analytics Technologies

Fintech Solutions

Our Legacy:

idvlabs has become a cornerstone in the fintech industry, renowned for its consistent, innovative, and impactful solutions. Our long-standing experience positions us as a trusted partner for numerous financial institutions in Turkey.

What We Offer:

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Customized Solutions:

  • Adapting to unique client needs.
  • Ensuring efficiency, security, and a seamless user experience.
  • Targeted specifically for the banking and finance sectors.

Our Vision:

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Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Empowering the financial sector.
  • Achieving unparalleled operational efficiency.
  • Translating to tangible benefits:
    • Cost savings.
    • Increased profitability.

Unwavering Security:

  • Commitment to the highest security standards.
  • Employing advanced protocols and identity measures.
  • Safeguarding transactions with utmost priority.

Pioneering the future of finance, idvlabs actively engages with emerging technologies, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a dynamic, competitive landscape.

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Virtual POS Systems

  • Secure Payments: From cards to cryptocurrencies.

  • Enhanced Security with top-tier encryption.

  • Easy Integration for mobile and online platforms.

  • Advanced Transactions including NFC capabilities.

  • Expand Globally with assured compliance.

  • Reliable Support for uninterrupted operations.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchange Platforms

  • Robust Security for each transaction.

  • Diverse Assets: Cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more.

  • Meticulous Escrow Services for safety.

  • Automated Smart Contracts for streamlined deals.

  • Multiple Payment Options catering to all.

  • Intuitive Interface with global accessibility.

  • Advanced Analytics for informed decisions.

Private Pension System

  • Intuitive Mobile Apps for retirement oversight.

  • Swift Account Setup and personalization.

  • Tailored Investment Insights aligned with goals.

  • Interactive Retirement Planning tools.

  • Automated Contributions for consistent savings.

  • Real-Time Updates and future earnings visualization.

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessments.

  • Top-Tier Security Measures.

  • Digital Access to Financial Experts.

Video Banking

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to Financial Experts.

  • Personalized and Humanized Virtual Banking.

  • Multilingual Engagement across platforms.

  • Robust Identity Verification for security.

  • Effortless Document Sharing and Screen Share.

  • AI-Powered Tailored Financial Advice.

  • Stay Informed with Financial Updates.

  • Explore New Financial Horizons.

  • 24/7 Availability for Continuous Support.

Mobile and Web Banking Enhancements

  • Intuitive Platform for Effortless Navigation.

  • High-Level Security: Biometrics and Encryption.

  • Comprehensive Services from Balance Checks to Investment Management.

  • Instant Notifications for Real-Time Updates.

  • Tailored Interactions with Personalized Product Suggestions.

  • Innovative Tools: 'Snap & Deposit' and Advanced Financial Toolset.

  • Seamless Global Transfers and P2P Payments.

  • 24/7 Assistance with Multi-Language Support.

  • Reliable Offline Access.

Powering Turkey's Future: Comprehensive Electricity Network Solutions

In the evolving landscape of Turkey's electricity and energy sector, three pivotal organizations play a central role. Explore in detail how our specially crafted software solutions are designed to significantly boost their operational capabilities and overall efficiency.

  • Energy Load Distribution and SCADA
  • AI-based tool for data collection from Meters & IoT devices.
  • Real-time monitoring & dashboards for extensive device networks.
  • Advanced fault detection with AI.
  • Energy Network Operations and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive solutions for network maintenance and equipment management.
  • Geo-locations operations and real-time electrical state insights.
  • Energy Exchanges and Procurement
  • Regulatory-compliant software evaluation for real-time energy trading.

Electricity Procurement and Transmission

Comprehensive Software Solutions

on Electricity Network

Electricity Distribution Authority

  • Comprehensive software for network inventory tracking.
  • Geo-informatics for the entire inventory.
  • Streamlined investment tracking, land expropriation, and project approvals.
  • Efficient remote meter reading, streetlight management, and power outage analysis.
  • ERP system management for holistic operational oversight.

Electricity Distribution and Retail Operations Corporations

  • Seamless integration with the Electricity Distribution Authority.
  • Advanced solutions for remote meter reading and analysis.

Showcasing Excellence: Our Impact on Turkey's Electricity Network

At the nexus of innovation and efficiency, our software solutions have revolutionized the operations of Turkey's principal electricity organizations. Here, we delve into real-world implementations and the transformative effects of our technology.

Energy Load Distribution and SCADA Success:

  • Our AI-based tool, developed with a National Research Grant from the Turkish Scientific Research Council, now successfully collects data from over 100,000 devices, offering real-time monitoring. This leap in data collection aids in AI-driven fault detection and ensures data integrity across the board.

Transformative Network Operations and Maintenance:

  • Pioneering advancements such as geo-location based operations, field services automation, and visual access to equipment's operation history. Our software has been instrumental in optimizing the operation and maintenance of the electricity network. From erecting power lines to streamlining defect management, our solutions ensure seamless operations.

Revolutionizing Energy Procurement:

  • With our keen analysis and adherence to regulatory compliance, real-time energy procurement has never been more efficient. We've bridged the gap between energy exchanges, ensuring transparency and operational excellence.

ontime: Elevate Your Task Management

Unlock Efficiency, Boost Productivity, and Revolutionize Your Business Operations!

Dive into the new era of task management with Ontime! Our state-of-the-art mobile task management solution streamlines machinery, facility management, and field services like never before. With Ontime at your fingertips, take charge of your operations, optimize your workforce, and make smarter decisions every day.

Key Features at a Glance

Introducing a suite of powerful features tailored to revolutionize your business operations:

Group of people

Staff Management: Effortlessly manage your workforce with tools to balance workload, fine-tune authorizations, and cater to dynamic business needs.

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Cleaning and Waste Management: Elevate your standards with real-time updates from your teams, complete with checklists, visuals, and comprehensive reports.

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Fault/Maintenance Process Management: Transition from traditional methods to modern, instant fault tracking and maintenance management.


Planned/Unplanned Task Processes Management: Seamlessly track routine tasks and respond to unexpected ones, ensuring smooth operations and reduced disruptions.

Real Benefits for Your Business Growth

Witness real-time transformative results as you integrate Ontime into your operations:

Tiny Mechanic Figures Next To Tools

20% Savings in Maintenance Processes: Elevate efficiency in your maintenance operations.

Line of Matchsticks on a Yellow Surface

30% Reduction in the Number of Failures: Boost reliability and curtail unexpected breakdowns.

Men Working in a Warehouse

15% Savings in Spare Parts and Inventory Costs: Refine inventory processes, reducing overheads and wastage.

Workers at Construction Site

50% Productivity Increase in Field Workers: Power up your field team to achieve milestones faster

40% Reduction in Response Time: Address concerns and obstacles faster than ever.

Person Saving Coins in a Jar

20% Savings in Equipment and Machinery Costs: Utilize your machinery optimally and enhance its lifespan.